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SmartWAV 2 is an embedded 14-channel polyphonic audio processor chip, It's aimed to help developers to create stereo audio designs in a very fast and easy way without the need of having experience in handling audio decoding, sampling, mixing, etc.


The processor offers 8 modes of operation: slave serial modes, MIDI, and stand-alone modes:

In slave serial modes, the processor receives simple commands from a host microcontroller to execute tasks play(), volume(), advanceTo(), etc, this reduces dramatically the code complexity (audio decoding algorithms) and saves a lot of headaches to the programmer. SmartWAV 2 can play up to 14 channels with high quality stereo sound from a microSD card with universal FAT/FAT32 format. The processor supports 8/16bit, 8Khz-48Khz, mono/stereo, WAVE (.WAV) files with CD Quality.


In stand alone modes: with directly connected external push buttons a full multi-trigger/mixing 10-channel audio system can be achieved without the need of any other host microcontroller/processor.


SmartWAV 2 is not a programmable device, no IDEs, programmers, nor debuggers are needed, it is a ready to plug and play device.


SmartWAV 2 is the most full featured, flexible, powerful and yet easy to use audio processor for embedded systems.

SmartWAV 2 - Polyphonic Audio Processor

  • SmartWAV 2 Features:
    -Pre-amplified dual channel stereo out with 8/16bit, stereo/mono, and up to 48khz sampling rate, CD quality.

    -Up to 14 channel polyphonic playback / auto mixing.

    -Integrated digital volume control with 1/100 steps.

    -Eight modes of operation, including Slave and Stand-Alone modes (M0, M1 and M2 Input pins for mode selection).

    -MIDI mode compliant with channel selection.

    -On board stereo 3.5mm plug for headphones, or line out.

    -Easy 5 pin interface to any host device: VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET. For standard serial mode.

    -On-board uSD/uSDHC memory card socket with FAT/FAT32 support up to 32GB for storing thousands of tracks/audio WAVE files. No need of special/rare file formatting.

    -Special data-logging FAT file create, open, read, write, delete, etc. functions with Long File Names and folder nesting / management support.

    -57600bps standard default baud rate speed for standard serial mode, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.

    -5V and 3V3 I/O compatible, 3V3 power supply, ultra-low current consumption.

    -Sleep & Stand-by modes.

  • Datasheet, Command Set, Libraries and Examples in Downloads section.

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