SmartWAV 2 MIDI Adapter is designed for users without knowledge in wiring electronic connections (musicians, producers, enthusiasts, etc.), this adapter provides all the required wiring to use SmartWAV 2 polyphonic audio processor in MIDI mode like any musical commercial product!


The adapter only needs standard 1/4" TS plugs for outputs, the 5 pin DIN MIDI cable for input and a DC barrel jack for power supply compatible from 5V to 9V any polarity, no other special wiring is required to run.


SmartWAV 2 MIDI Adapter let any user create a full functional MIDI player/trigger in seconds!


*SmartWAV 2 board is sold separately.

SmartWAV 2 MIDI Adapter - Simplify Wiring

$29.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price
  • SmartWAV 2 MIDI Adapter Board Features:

    - Compatible with SmartWAV 2, no other wiring required.
    - 1/4" TS Stereo Outputs Line Level.
    - 5 Pin DIN Standard MIDI Cable Input.
    - DC Barrel Jack 5V to 9V, Any Polarity Power Supply Compatible.
    - 9V Battery Connector.

  • Datasheet, Command Set, Libraries and Examples in Downloads section.




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