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SmartSHIELD is a simple but very useful tool, it lets the user easily connect any Vizic Technologies tool to any arduino-form board (UNO, Mega2560, DUE, Leonardo, Pinguno, Raspberry, Olimexino, Intel Galileo, etc.) it is cost effective, very small and easy to use.

SmartSHIELD just uses TX, RX, and pin4(default) of arduino, all the other pins are extended, but SmartSHIELD is not just an extension of the header, it is also a 1000mA-3.3V power source!, arduino itself can source ~150mA out of the 3.3V output, but with SmartSHIELD you can source up to 1000mA of 3.3V, with this you won't be ever limited in current with 3.3V systems!

SmartSHIELD - Connect any Vizic tool to Arduino!

  • Smart SHIELD Board Features:

    - Compatible with all Vizic Technologies boards.

    - Arduino, mbed, Raspberry, PIC, AVR, ARM, FPGA, etc, Compatible.
    - Sources 1000mA out of the 3.3V output.
    - Uses only the TX,RX and p4(default) of arduino.
    - All the unused pins are extended through the headers.
    - Can be modified to use p7, p8 or p13 instead of p4.
    - Included 5 pin bus to connect the tools.

  • Datasheet, Command Set, Libraries and Examples in Downloads section.

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