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SmartDRIVE is an embedded FAT32 datalogger processor chip mounted on a board, Its the perfect embedded tool to any data-logging or high-end data storage application, as its the most complete and advanced FAT32 processor in embedded systems.


SmartDRIVE is a serial(Tx, Rx) slave device that only receives orders like openFile(), WriteFile(), readFile(), etc, this reduces dramatically the code complexity (FAT32 format system management) and saves a lot of headaches to the programmer.

From any microSD card, the SmartDRIVE can Read, Write, Create, Rename, Move, Copy, set Date-Time, Modify, List, Rewritte, Delete, Nest, and much more... Files and Folders or Directories.

SmartDRIVE has a extra general purpose Serial Port(UART), 4 ADC(Analog to Digital Converters) channels to easy log analog values, 3 PWM channels to directly drive servos, control motors, fade leds or any other application that requires PWM.

SmartDRIVE - Datalogger Processor

$39.00 Regular Price
$23.40Sale Price
  • SmartDRIVE Board Features:

    - FAT and FAT32 up to 32GB support.

    - Easy 5 pin interface to any host device: VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET.

    - Arduino, mbed, Raspberry, PIC, AVR, ARM, FPGA, etc, Compatible.
    - Read, Write, Modify, Create, Erase, Copy, set Time, set Date, and many other functions on Files and Directories/Folders.
    - Nested Folders and Files support.
    - Long File Names (LFN) up to 255 characters support.
    - Up to 5 open files for read/write simultaneously.

    - Full Directories and folder management support.
    - 4 ADC(analog to digital converter) channels for easy log analog data.
    - 3 PWM(pulse width modulation) channels for direct servo, motor, LEDs or any other PWM control needs.
    - 5V and 3V3 I/O compatible, 3V3 power supply.

  • Datasheet, Command Set, Libraries and Examples in Downloads section.

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